Some Examples of My Song Lyrics

A Littel Bit Funny ("Photographs In Albums")
I get my truth from the silver screen/Lots of money and the girl of my dreams
No confrontation/just adulation/ It's easy

Blackwater Stream ("Reels On Wheels")
The green buds of springtime/are silently flowering
On the warm summer wind/of a young lover's dream
I know what I know/that a new love is waiting
By the banks and the braes/of the Blackwater stream

Careless With Love ("Time Piece")
I'm carless with love/ I let it slip through my fingers
And the pain of it lingers/ I'm careless  with love
Crazy Woman, Crazy Man ("Photographs In Albums"/"Caledonia Farewell")
Taking a gamble / on their new romance
Got no religion/got no second chance
Head down the highway/driving through the doubt
Whose heart gets broken/when the road runs out

Dark Side of the Street ("Photographs In Albums"/"Caledonia Farewell")
I'll batten down the hatches/ when the bugle sounds retreat
And I'll take my mind and body/ to the dark side of the street.

Going Home ("The Eagle, The Mountain and the Red Red Deer") It's no' nature that scares us/nae wind and nae tide Nor the threat of a dark rolling ocean But the fear that the next time we pit intae port/ We'll bide again/never returning.


I believe (In Loving You) ("Time Piece") I don't believe in fairy tales/or treasure ships with golden sails/ I don't believe in lucky stars/or yellow painted boulevards/ But I believe in loving you/loving you/just loving you


The Teardrop of Ireland ("Reels On Wheels") Last night when stars did glisten/on a hillside near the cove/ I sat awhile to listen/to the sweet birds' lays of love/ As the mist drew round Long Island/  a shroud across me lay /And I watched the ocean liners/asleep in Queenstown Bay


Kit's Flowers (Unpublished)

Kit's flowers/Wilt upon the mantleshelf /The petals strewn around/ They went the way that Kit did/With finally not a sound