Songs for Casablanca First Act, scene 3

Curtain opens on the interior of Rick's Cafe Americaine. The place is full of men in dinner jackets, women in bejewelled gowns and Moroccan men in silk robes and headware.the spotlight moves around several conversations, then follows the jovial fat Head waiter, Carl, to a table at which 2 European couples sit.   1st Woman  "Oh Waiter"           Carl  "Yes Madame?"       1st Woman    "Will you ask Rick to have a drink with us?"      Carl "Madame, he never drinks with customers. Never. I have never seen him"  2nd Woman (disappointed)  "What makes a saloon keeper so snobbish?"      1st Man  "Perhaps if you tell him I ran the second largest banking house in Amsterdam"    Carl  "The second largest? That wouldn't impress Rick. The leading banker in Amsterdam is now the pastry chef in our kitchen"    2nd Man      "Well then, we have something to look forward to"   Carl(laughs)  "And his father is the bell boy"          Lights dim. Spotlight on the nightclub's stage. A drum beats. The rythm is tango. Dancers  appear. Song "Cafe Americaine" 

Tango (along the lines of "Fernando's Hideaway)


A thousand welcomes to the dive/ Where no one looks you in the eye/ The drink just like the humour's dry/ It's called  Cafe Americaine 

Just show your stash/the waiter's cool/ he'll tend your needs/he's no one's fool/You're lucky if he finds a stool/Inside, Cafe Americaine 


We cater for each client's every need or whim/ Going broke in here has never ever been a sin/ Passion in a glance is only just a drink away/ And you can get it/ If you just let it

Don't waive your diamonds in the air/A lure for every honey bear/Philanthropy is very rare/Inside Cafe Americaine

Ask Sam the man to play a tune/ A serenade  to life beneath the desert moon/Nothing here is ever out of tune/It's called Cafe Americaine


bridge (repeat above)

The roulette table's got a bend/The Croupiere's a long lost friend/ The dice you'll never comprehend/ Down at Cafe Americaine    ( (c) K Charleson 2012)