Songs for "Casablanca" first Act scene 1

Reviving the concept of "Casablanca - the Musical" seems a natural.

I have adapted the screenplay as seemed appropriate and have added the songs where I felt music and dialogue were best suited. 

Casablanca, 1942.     Act 1 Scene 1

The curtain rises on a small square from which narrow streets lead off into the city. On one side of the stage is the entrance to "Rick's Cafe Americaine" with flashing neon sign above it and on the other side is the entrance to the "Blue Parrot", a more traditional coffe house.  Street traders ply their wares and several Europeans sit at the outdoor tables of both cafes. The scene that follows mimics the opening scene in the movie with the arrest and shooting of a suspect in the murder of 2 German couriers. There is shock amongst the crowds in the square, amongst whom is a young couple, Jan and Annina Brandel, Bulgarian refugees. She clings to him.

Annina    "Oh Jan, I'm so afraid"

Jan         "Don't be Annina. We'll get out of here soon"

Annina     " But how? We've already tried and the little money we have is not enough for an exit visa. We are stuck...stuck in this miserable, hot, stinking place with nothing to do but wait for a miracle."

Jan         "No Annina, there are still some options. I heard this morning from a Belgian guy that there are visas for sale from Sr Ferrari at the Blue Parrot. We can have a coffee and try and sort something out with him "

Annina "With what? You know we don't have enough money"

Jan (desperately) "There's always the roulette table at Rick's"

Annina    "I can't Jan....I can't go through all that again. I'm going back to the hotel to rest. ..."

She breaks away from him. He starts to follow then looks across the stage to the "Blue Parrot". She exits and despondently he sits down at a table at the cafe and sings;



"All of my life I have longed for the moment/I could see with the power of the wise/When the way became clear, the decisions were made/Was that all just some pie in the sky?/And now here we are, stuck in hell, Casablanca/between desert and deepest dark sea/Where the light that you see at the end of the runway/Beckons strong, beckons bright, beckons free/ But not for them(gestures around him)/Not for her (to the departing Annina)/Not for me."

Tempo rises. the song energises

"Casablanca/the city where nobody sleeps/Casablanca/where business is hardly discrete/So that everone here/knows the clothes that you wear/And your fortune's laid bare/Right here on the street.

Casablanca/there's a promise in every closed hand/Casablanca/ where hope's buried deep in the sand/ The very air that you breathe/Tells you you'll never leave/Brother, you're damned.

And they're selling their souls for a visa/To a country that they've never seen/But you know you can't crack/'Cos there's no going back/And all you have is a dream/

Casablanca/I live for the day we can leave/Casablanca/ For your back-stabbing ways I won't grieve/ Just one spin of the wheel/ And the fates will reveal/Casablanca we're free". (C) K Charleson2012