KC, Davy Mcmartin, Pat Stuart and Derek Richarsdon Ken Charleson,Davy Mcmartin,Pat Stuart, Derek Richardson

On The Wagon is a ceilidh band that specialises in Scottish/Irish folk music and its own arrangements of country, blues, pop and rock'n'roll.

The instrumental lineup includes guitars,mandolin,keyboards, moothies,accordions, bass pedals, percussion, bazooki, small and big pipes, whistles including low D, ukeleles, banjo, with Derek & I providing the main vocals.

Some examples of our music can be found below.

We play clubs, pubs, festivals, hotels, Conference Centres (Edinburgh & Glasgow) and for Corporate events up and down the country. We travel; variously Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Luxemburg and the Channel Islands.

We have lots of original material as well as our own arrangements of well recognised material. We are very comfortable in concert venues, weddings, ceilidhs and family occasions.    


Going Home
On the demise of the fishing industry on the west coast of Scotland
Going Home.mp3
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Katharina's written by Derek. He claims he wrote it for a young lady he met at a party in Germany when he discovered she had just run in to the back of his car.
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Just The One
Written by Davy. There are three tunes here; "Just The One, Maggie McMartin's Reeling" and "The March Up Castle Hill"
Just The One_The March Up Castle Hill_Ma[...]
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The Slave's Lament
This song was written by Robert Burns at a time when slavery, although abolished, was still practised. The words are Burns' although I added a fourth verse.
The Slave's Lament.mp3
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Mingulay Boat Song
Weel-kent and beautiful fishing song from the western isles
Mingulay Boat Song.mp3
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The New High Level
Just try and keep your feet still to this set
The New High Level_Walking On The Moon_T[...]
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