Edinburgh's my home town. These pictures belong to the east and west end of Princes Street.

These pictures were taken between the Voodoo Rooms on East Princes Street and Whighams Wine Bar at the west end. The Voodoo Rooms feature James Burton, Jerry Donahue and Gregg Wright, whilst the two poster from Whighams are for the Sunday night weekly jazz session and the Tuesday night monthly Blues sessions. 

Other musicians in these pictures include John Bruce (guitar), Bill Coverdale (guitar) and Trav Panesar (tenor sax)

On The Wagon

On The Wagon was formed in 1995. There have been a number of personnel through the years but the band now consists of four people, not always together at the same time, being;Derek Richardson, Pat Stuart, Davy McMartin and me.

Amongst these pictures is a shot of the original "wagon", a picture of our indoor stage at the Bealtaine festival in Luxemburg and a shot of the band set up for an evening of fun and games at Gleneagles.