I mentioned albums. Here are the albums, their players and their contents and where they can be found

Ken's Albums

Time Piece

This is a 4 album collection of recordings which include over thirty of my own songs. The recordings cover a period of twenty years but all have been remastered. This album was put together in 2011.

Album 1    Superhiway Blues  (Rock & pop)      Album 2    Careless With Love   (Ballads)

Album 3    Going Home (Contemporary Folk)     Album 4    A Touch of Jazz 

There are over thirty original tracks in this collection, some of which you will find on "My Song Tracks"

Available from me (see contact Form)

The Nearest Thing To Heaven

This was recorded in 1993 as part of a band called "Kilbrannan". It includes a half dozen of my songs but unfortunately is no longer available and is included here as a matter of record only.

Photographs In Albums

This album was recorded in 1995. It features all new songs written by myself and Peter DiMarco. We both played on this and produced it. The only other player is Ronnie Horner on guitar.

Included here are early recordings of a couple of songs that were re-recorded later including "Dark Side of the Street" (Ken and Peter) and "Crazy Woman, Crazy Man" (Ken).

This album is available from me (see contact form)

On The Wagon's Albums

There are 6 albums to choose from, in order of release

"Reels On Wheels"   "The Eagle, The Mountain and the Red Red Deer"  "Burns and A' That"  "Caledonia Farewell"   "Northern Light" and  "The Best of On The Wagon"

All of these albums can be sourced through the On The Wagon Web site on

Reels On Wheels

First released in 1977, the album featured a six piece ensemble including Robin Calvert and Alasdair Black on fiddle.   Ian Joseph McDonald on box is also here on the first recording of "The Teardrop of Ireland" recorded at Smith Mearns studio in 1996. All the other tracks were recorded at BIg County Studio in Crieff in 1996/97.

Notable are the first 4 original tracks; "The Angels' Share" (Derek) and "The Teardrop of Ireland", "Blackwater Stream"  and "My Love Is But A Lassie Yet", based on James Hogg's original peom (Ken).

The Eagle, The Mountain And The Red Red Deer

This is 1998 and the band has been reduced to five personnel, Derek, Pat, Davy, Ken and Robin. Alasdair has left for Canada with his new Canadian wife.

Original tracks on this recording include the title track The Eagle, The Mountain ...." (Ken), The "Knotty Green" set (Derek),  "Just The One" set  (Davy, which includes a tribute to his wife Maggie), "Going Home" (Ken) and the first tune from the "Mediaeval Blanket" set (Davy). 

Burns And A' That

On this album(1999), the band is joined byMichael Kidd and Peter McCarra who recite some of Burns' most well known works ("To A Mouse", Holy Willie's Prayer", Epistle To A Young Friend", Tam O' Shanter") and some less well known but evocative poems ("Let Not Women E're Complain", "Oh Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast").

The songs include two of the most beautiful love songs ever written ("Red Red Rose" and "Ae Fond Kiss") as well as the internationally accalimed "A Man' A Man" and the stirring battle hymn "Scots Wha Hae" ("Bruce's Address to his Army at Bannockburn"). 

Caledonia Farewell

 The band here consists of four members, Derek, Pat, Davy and Ken. Caledonia Farewell can be heard on the "Scotland and Ireland" page. A song and tune list will be added later.

The Best of On The Wagon

This is the latest offering, a "best of" compilation which includes one hitherto unpublished track. This is Robin Calvert's interpretation of Neil Gow's lament for his brother. Well worth it for this track alone.