Here are a half dozen tracks of my songs from various albums  ( see "Recordings") which I hope will not only give a flavour of the different styles of music covered but also provide an opportunity to be critical of the results. (see "Song Writing")

Rock & A Hard Place
Straight 4's rock'n'Roll. The hook is the title, repeatedly.
06 Rock A Hard Place.mp4
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There are other songs with this title. To be fair, it's a bit of a challenge and one song reviewer didn't understand the concept. So here it is. Guy falls for girl. She plays hard-to-get.  He sees this as a challenge and determines that he will do his best to make her notice him.  He will be a "rock and a hard place" for her.  

Dark Side Of The Street.
02 Dark Side of the Street.mp4
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This song started life as an antidote to Van Morrison's "Bright Side of the Road". But it began to take more shape with the darker notion that somebody who had been a loser in love might, in the end, just never get over it.

Nothing At All
10 Nothing At All.mp4
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This is what I call my "Dick Whittington" song. Young guy tries but fails to make it in the big city. He doesn't initially find success, but he does find love and the girl turns his fortunes around.

My Imagination
03 My Imagination.mp4
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Ideas for songs can come from anywhere. After seeing a billboard in London advertising the Motor Show which had more semi-naked girls in it than motor cars, the idea for this song sprung ...."Sexy lady with the right dimensions".

Superhiway Blues
01 Superhiway Blues.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [11.5 MB]

Cross between rap and rock, this is set to the music of Booker T and the MG's' "Green Onions". Lots of hooks including "Run Down the telephone line, moonshine and a bottle of wine. Run down the telephone line, make hay while the old sun shines". 

Run Around My Mind
08 Run Around My Mind.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [7.2 MB]

This is straight forward boy-band stuff. I still love it from the instrumental hook to the close harmony effects. Nobody wanted it though, so I have to rate this as "try but failed". It's still has something to offer though.