Songs and Lyrics


They say that the song is the only real currency in the music business. When the performers are gone, the songs remain.


Video and the internet have extended every performer's life, but the basic fact remains; without songs, there would be no music business.



Songs are about words, and words tell stories and everyone loves to listen to a good story.

And just as songs need singers, so do singers need songs. Matching the two is what record producers live for. And that hasn't changed since Mozart was writing opera.


A song is only as good as its lyrics.  Great songs have great lyrics and great lyrics catch the imagination. It's what "My Way" and "Back To Black" have in common.

From Tin Pan Alley and the Old Grey Whistle Test to the performance poetry of Rap music, the bottom line is still the same, the words. Who needs laws when a man can write a song



My Own Song Lyrics

Some of my song lyrics can be found in "My Lyrics"